The “Professional” Amateur

I consider myself blessed. I do not believe I have a “professional” job nor do I have the impression of clocking in at the office. I am passionate about what I do. I love investing, engaging with sharp visionaries and teams in the financial services industry. I thrive in a creative environment where every day brings wonderment and opportunities for growth for those around me and myself.

Even though I am professional at what I do and need to develop deep expertise and insights in the industry and a keen sense of observation I use with people I encounter, I positively and categorically view myself as an Amateur in every positive sense of the word.

The word Amateur comes from old French (lover of), from Amatore in Italian, and Amator (lover) and Amatore (to love) in Latin.

This is the positive definition of Amateur which I identify with and fits me perfectly: “A person who takes part in a sport or endeavor for enjoyment or interest, not as a job.
This is what I mean when I say I am an Amateur investor – I am an investor out of love and passion.

To be clear, Amateur does not mean amateurish, hence the “Professional Amateur title of this post.

Every successful founder or executive I have encountered shares the “Amateur” trait. They love what they do and it shows when you interact with them. Show me a founder or executive that views his lifework as just a job to perform and I will run in the opposite direction.



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