The Ten Fintech Startup Commandments

No disrespect meant.

1. I am technology, data and customer experience in one, thy new Lord

2. Thou shall remember slower growth usually is the norm in the financial services industry

3. 24/7 real time products and services shall thy deliver but maybe not on sabbath day

4. Honor thy regulator, compliance officer and license

5. Thou shall not manipulate or help manipulate capital markets, nor shall thou help misprice risk or credit with false algorithms

6. Thou shall remember success does also come thru building platforms and strong relationships with financial services incumbents

7. Thou shall remember intellectual property is a mirage in the financial services industry and that reverse engineering is a real archangel of death

8. Thou shall not lie to thy regulator

9. Thou may covet thy neighbor’s startup business model as much as thy want but at the end of the day thou shall remember that there is value in defensible distribution channels and unique algorithms

10. Thou need to covet thy neighbor financial services incumbent’s experienced employees to complement thy technology prowess

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