Further VC duality

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“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter post.” Paraphrasing a French Philosopher from the 17th century.

I already wrote about VC investor duality, see here.
Further duality thoughts immediately below.

An investor constantly toggles between two primal motivations.

– The first motivation blossoms after drinking the brew of fear over greed: If I invest in this company now will it preclude me from investing in a better company in the future?
– The second motivation blossoms after drinking the brew of greed over fear: If I do not invest in this company now will I miss out.

The unsuccessful investor constantly and continuously freezes himself to a standstill and cannot chose between fear and greed.

The reckless investor constantly and continuously chooses either greed or fear without grounded his decisions in reason nor developing the ability to be flexible.

The wise investor chooses between fear and greed with the right timing. I feel like the rightful son of Confucius and Lao Tze while writing these words.

As the CEO or founder of a startup wishing to attract investors, choose wisely and learn how to discern among investors.





Pascal Bouvier

Life and work experiences have given Pascal an unmatched vantage point, seeing things as both venture capitalist and aspiring entrepreneur. He currently is a Venture Partner with Santander Innoventures – Santander Group’s Global Fintech fund.

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