New vs Old (Fintech Musings)

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Musings on what fintech companies (startups, incumbents, service providers) should focus on going forward – in no particular order:

– Customer experience instead of customer service

– Service instead of product

– Platform strategy instead of “silo” strategy

– Open standards & open source instead of proprietary

– Outside data instead of proprietary data

– Prospective instead of historical

– Partnerships instead of vendor management

– Interoperability instead of impracticality

– Modularity instead of all in one IT stacks

– New multi-disciplinary approaches (data science, machine learning, networks, AI) instead of old multi-disciplinary approaches (marketing, sales, IT, business development, accounting)

– Shorter product/service lifecycle run times instead of longer ones

– Meaning & convenience instead of convenience alone

– LTV to the customer/user instead of customer LTV

– Financial wellness (of customers, enterprises, markets) instead of financial profitability

– Dynamic pricing instead of cohort pricing

– Data as an asset instead of a liability

– Consensus instead of Fiat

– Decentralized instead of Centralized

What have I missed? What does not resonate with you?

Pascal Bouvier

Life and work experiences have given Pascal an unmatched vantage point, seeing things as both venture capitalist and aspiring entrepreneur. He currently is a Venture Partner with Santander Innoventures – Santander Group’s Global Fintech fund.

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